iOS 10 - Improved and more dynamic than ever

iOS 7 was a simplification of iOS in more ways than just getting rid of some skeuomorphic elements. It was a redesign of iOS from ground up. But it also felt a little short on feature improvement. But Apple has been adding more and more features to iOS 7, iOS 8 and 9, like continuity, extensibility, share sheets, etc. With iOS 10 that was announced a couple of weeks ago on in WWDC, Apple brings some radical new features to iOS.

Though the recent Apple WWDC was packed with tons of software features, it definitely lacked on the iPad front. The iPad did get some features as part of iOS 10 but nothing like the iPhone or the Mac or the Apple Watch or even the Apple TV. iPad was almost totally neglected. This was really surprising as Apple just recently renewed its efforts on the iPad side with the iPad Pro models.

The blogosphere has been full of rumors of alleged removal of the 3.5 mm headphone jack on the alleged iPhone 7 (yes all this is just alleged as of now). While rumors are all but common in Apple ecosystem, silliness is also prevalent in abundance in sites covering Apple stories. Sometimes even the best tech blogs out there succumb to such nonsense.

Just yesterday, I posted a link, that said that Apple will include a 3.5 mm headphone jack in its next iPhone, the iPhone 7. However today, there is another rumor, albeit from a relatively more reliable source, this time, from WSJ (via 9to5mac), that reiterates that iPhone 7 will indeed get rid of the headphone jack. 

Apple employees launch "Rear Vision"

I own two cars, both used, one a 2007 model and another one 2008 model. My 2007 model lacks a rear camera and I am used to having a rear camera from my previous cars. So I have been looking around for some off the shelf solutions to this and believe me when I say that there is no one solution that solves this problem without causing me to go bankrupt.

Apple Music compared to its rivals

We learnt recently from Apple's WWDC that Apple Music has 15 million paid subscribers. What does this number mean compared to its competitors. Like many critics deemed, has Apple's late entry to the game, spoilt its riches?

Apple in India

Apple has been a very popular brand amongst the consumers in India and owning an iPhone or even an Apple computer is still a status symbol. Even with the unfortunate huge economic divide,  there is a thriving middle class and even the affluent high class who are potential Apple customers.

iOS 9 and the iPad

It is no secret that the iPad, though still the best tablet that money can buy, has been going through a rough patch as far as its sales are concerned. A lot has been said about what Apple has to do and what Apple is been planning to do to address this issue.