More Android Malware trouble

The title of this post might make it sound like it's a jab at Android. But however much I am on the iOS bandwagon, I understand the pros and cons of both the mobile platforms. Unfortunately not many do. Just remember one golden rule when it comes to anything in life, "nothing is actually free". Everything has a cost associated to it.

The Apple Car Smoking Gun

By now it should be obvious that Apple is working on some sort of a vehicle and/ or services related to it (like hopefully a better version of Apple CarPlay?). Head over to one of the longest columns, I had written in while, here, for where and how this rumor began to develop.

Death of Apple AirPort Extreme

Tired of using cheap routers, I bought an Apple Airport Extreme a few years ago. I of course did not spend hundreds of dollars on the overpriced Apple Time Capsules, but rather discovered a way to connect third party external USB hard drives to the Airport Extreme to enable automatic time machine backups (see here for instructions on how to do that), over the air. I have had a few minor issues with the Airport Extreme, like trouble connecting when we moved apartments, etc, but nothing major and I absolutely love it. In fact I was thinking of upgrading my old Airport Extreme to a newer model, when I heard of the rumor ( via Bloomberg) that Apple is going to stop making them!

Apple Maps and drones

Apple Maps and drones

Apple maps has improved hugely in the last few years. But Apple still lags Google on the Maps front, mostly of no fault of their own except that they were into the game too late. But as far as the end user is concerned that cannot be an excuse and Apple needs to something to catch up to Google soon, in this area