About 'The Frustum' and its author


I am a technology enthusiast (a more pleasing word than nerd or geek for many) who has been interested in technology for a long time and consider myself to be more upto date on the latest and the greatest in consumer technology than many people around me. I use both Apple and Windows computers, have an iPhone and an iPad and have followed companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft, for almost a decade now. Hence the idea of this blog sprung up and after months of procrastination, I decided to launch 'The Frustum' a no bull technology blog! 

I have been following a lot of classy and thorough blogs and people who I look up to and hope to emulate, like, Daring Fireball's John Gruber, iMore's Rene Ritchie, The Loop's  Jim Dalrymple ('the beard'), Chicago Sun Times' Andy Ihnatko, to name a few. Again I admire their honest no nonsense approach to modern day blogging and am a big fan. Thanks for reading. 


  • Reflog - A post referring to an external article
  • Opinion - A brief post of a trending topic
  • Column - An in depth post on something interesting
  • How to - Some tips and tricks to some of the most common questions or challenges
  • Review - Unique solutions reviews (not just every other device, App or accessory review)
  • ADD - A daily digest of the most important Apple news headlines


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