Apple Marketing taking a new turn

WWDC 2013 licked off with a rather surprising video from Apple, highlighting the thoughts and emotions that go into designing Apple products. The video was very elegant to the eye and conveyed a brief but crisp message that ended with "Designed by Apple in California". The TV ad that followed, titled "Our Signature" was another thoughtful ad that highlighted the positive impact Apple was trying to create in people's lives. Today Apple released another video titled "Apple - Making a difference. One app at a time" that focuses on apps that make lives better, much better, mainly for people in need. With these ads, Apple has clearly kicked off a new Marketing push to strike an emotional chord with the viewers and to evoke a sense of personality to the company. 


Apple - Designed By Apple - Intention

Apple - TV Ad - Our Signature

Apple - Making a difference. One app at a time.