iPad web usage

Apple’s iPad usage share increased in May 2013 after a slight dip in April 2013, making its present Web usage share (82.4%) the highest since the beginning of 2013.
— http://chitika.com/insights/2013/may-tablet-update
Source: chitika.com

Source: chitika.com

How can this be possible, if Google is getting so good at design and is already great at web services and if Apple's web services are so bad. Where are the Android tablets in these graphs. Note the difference between the iPad and the second best Amazon Kindle Fire is almost 80% and the Kindle Fire does not even run proper Android! Oh boy.  

Ice Cream Sandwich is very nearly unrecognizable behind the Kindle Fire HD’s UI, and it seems like this is something Amazon didn’t want to talk about too much. After all, Amazon will be pushing its own storefront with the Kindle Fire HD, whereas other Android devices are expected to come with the Google Play Store on offer.
— SlashGear