DroidLife writer on why he Uses an iPhone

Performance on iOS is more consistent than on Android, especially with the passage of time. I’ve owned and used a lot of Android phones, and most of them slow down over time.
— Ron, DroidLife

A really surprising but honest article from a DroidLife writer on why he started using an iPhone over the Android phones. The number one reason he quotes for his decision is surprisingly the infamous iMessage feature that is iOS and Apple ecosystem specific. I call it infamous because Apple has got a lot of flak about its 'bad' services and iCloud and unreliable iMessage included. Now for an Android user to claim that iMessage is the biggest feature that he likes in iOS says a lot about all the crap that is being said about Apple's services.

Exactly! - Source: j-bob-deviantart.com

Exactly! - Source: j-bob-deviantart.com

Another point the writer makes is that the Android phones slow down over time and iPhone 4S is the only phone that lasted a good couple of years (though it did start slowing down in the end according to him). This reminded me immediately of Microsoft Windows. Every time I bought a new Windows computer, everything would feel zippy and super fast and within a few months things would start getting slower and visible lags were imminent. This is because Windows was built on a file structure that has not changed in more than two decades and hence is rustic and out dated. With more files and data, the system cannot parse or handle things as fast as it did when there was not much data stored. Some one mentioned to me that Android is the new Windows. See the similarity? Bear in mind than iOS devices also slow down with time as hardware specs cannot catch up with advancements in software and this is the reason why Apple keeps abandoning its significantly older models with every subsequent update.

iOS still has vastly superior apps in every category that matters to me. Apps like Tweetbot, Fantastical, Yahoo! Weather, Swipes, Mailbox, Vesper, Day One, and Safari provide a vastly better experience than their counterparts or peers on Android.

The argument on the quality of Apps being better in iOS is cliched whenever an iOS user makes it, but when it comes from an Android guy, it has a greater impact. Period. 

My decision to switch to iOS came after spending two years of my contract going from the HTC Touch Pro2, to the Droid Eris, to the Droid, to the Droid 2, to the Droid Incredible. Every one of those devices had hardware or software issues despite being considered top of the line when I had them and most of them had to be replaced multiple times by Verizon due to software and hardware issues.

While most of the points here are known to both iOS and Android users, the ultimate choice is the consumers' (you don't get looked down upon by Toyota owners just because you own a Honda, do you?)  It is important to understand that both iOS and Android have their own pros and cons and what seems like a con to one person might be a pro to another. I love the iOS and Apple products and I respect anyone who shares similar views about Android (it is better to be opinionated than being thoughtless) and do not despise them for it.

NOTE: This article is based on a writer's experience with one or two year old Android phones and he does not seem to have owned the latest ones like the Galaxy S3/4 or HTC One or Nexus. Though the comparison he makes is with iPhone 4S (and not iPhone 5), his views and impressions on Android might not be up to date.