Minor iOS 7 gems

There are a number of relatively small tweaks and additions that have really sold me on iOS 7, and they may do the same for you. These aren’t big things that you’re likely to see on an iPhone commercial — like automatic app updating or a smarter Siri, for example — but they may indeed be just as important.
iOS 7 - Source: Apple.com

iOS 7 - Source: Apple.com

iOS 7  has come a long way from the time it was announced in June. Like many pundits well known with Apple's ways, predicted, iOS 7 started off as a drastic over haul with gaudy colors and contrast and has been tamed down and polished to almost perfection in the months that followed. iOS 7 now looks amazing if you ask me and iOS 7 on the latest iPhone should be a treat to use. Apple though doesn't ever concede that it listens to users' complaints and has always maintained the Steve Jobs attitude on 'users don't know what they want till they are shown what they have been missing', silently implements all the fixes and introduces little improvements that have bugged users for a while. They of course take their own sweet time, which ends up being well worth the wait for the perfection that is achieved in the end.

This article from TUAW talks about a few of those previous minor annoyances that have been fixed or improved upon in iOS 7. The ones mentioned in this article are increased number of Apps that can fit in a folder, dynamic font changes suiting the background image, Safari's new tabs layout, the new multitasking previews and finally ability to hide away the Newsstand App! Newsstand App was not allowed to be put inside a folder previously and you can do so now. This has never bothered me before (not that I ever used this App on my iPhone), but a lot of people seemed to irritated by this. Thanks to iOS 7, people have to find something else to complain about.