Gold iPhone 5S

Apple is adding a new color to the iPhone color palette, and yes, it is indeed gold. Sources in position to know tell AllThingsD that Apple, after years of offering the iPhone in either black and white, will soon offer it in a gold tone as well.
— AllThingsD
Gold iPhone 5S mock up - Source:

Gold iPhone 5S mock up - Source:

When I posted last week about what hardware improvements iPhone 5S can bring about over iPhone 5, I did not mention different color iPhones. There are two reasons behind this. One is that most of the people who use an iPhone use a protective case including myself. I have always used a protective case on all my iPhones mainly to avoid scratches and dings to the exterior. Though the iPhones are generally built really robust and withstand even extreme drops, the scratches and dings do not do any good for the resale value of the iPhone. I am a big proponent of getting the most value for my devices and with iPhones is particular, since they have a great resale value, it is possible that if you maintain the iPhone in a good conditions and are a smart buyer, you can almost always breakeven selling your old iPhone to get the latest model and this way you can have your cake and eat it too.

According to our own Ally Kazmucha, who’s no stranger to the process, gold is among the easiest colors to anodize onto an iPhone. It involves simple chemical reaction, with the possible addition of dye depending on the exact color they want to produce.
— Gizmodo

The second reason is that people want customization and personalization and since iPhones come only in two colors (black & white), the only option consumers have is to put on a third party case (sometimes the case also adds utility like battery packs or camera lens). Either way there have been a lot of rumors about iPhone 5C, the low cost iPhone that will be released with a a rainbow of colors. But the only rumor about iPhone 5S's color till now was that it was to be released in a golden color. I did not think this was true till today when AllThingsD (jokingly dubbed the unofficial Apple PR) confirmed it. Gizmodo has an article on how this makes intuitive sense and how gold is easy to anodize. I thought this might look a little tacky and gaudy, but the recent mock ups have made me change my mind. iPhone 5S in gold does look appealing to an extent.