Gazelle iPhone trade-in lock till Oct 15th

Accept this offer today and you’ll have until October 15th, 2013 to send in your iPhone. Take advantage of today’s pricing with time to get a new iPhone
— Gazelle


iPhone trade-ins on can be locked in till Oct 15 (until after the Sep 10th iPhone event) from today. Even if you are remotely considering upgrading to a new iPhone, this is a good idea and does not cost you a dime to get the price locked in. Note to check out other options to trade-in or sell your older iPhones before the new iPhone is launched as well.

Our price lock promotion allows savvy consumers to maximize the value of their old iPhone and lets them wait until after the new iPhone is here to send in their old one... In many cases we pay enough to cover the full cost of upgrading to a new phone. We’ve been doing this quietly for years to help our customers get great value despite the potential challenges of getting their hands on a new iPhone in the early days of a launch, and we’re delighted to extend the price lock program even further this year
— Sarah Welch, Chief Marketing Officer, Gazelle via AppleInsider