Graphite is the new Gold

Two new videos published today give a detailed look at the casings of the champagne colored iPhone 5S and the graphite 5S,
— MacRumors


After the initial surprises and outbursts on the rumor of a Gold iPhone 5S, started tapering down a little, thanks to some clarifications on the ease of anodizing Gold and how it is not Gold and more Champagne in color, new reports and videos suggest, iPhone 5S might be available in one more new color, Graphite! I do like Graphite more than Gold, though I feel iPhone 5 looks its best in black and hence would iPhone 5S.

While visually similar to the black and slate iPhone 5, the graphite edition is noticeably, but not dramatically lighter in color. It’s worth noting that early slate iPhone 5 prototypes were much lighter in color as well, and more closely resembled this graphite version.

These are wild rumors, some of them with more backing than the others, but whatever the situation is, it looks like Apple is going the iPod way for the iPhones and widening the selection of iPhones available. From just two iPhone 5 models, iPhone 5S in three or four colors and iPhone 5C with more colors and at a lower cost, certainly is a wider selection to choose from!