New iPhones coming on Sep 20th?

Following on the heels of reports of T-Mobile blacking out employee days off on the weekend of September 20-22 — what is likely to be the first retail launch weekend of the forthcoming new iPhone — more evidence has emerged that suggests AT&T is also blacking out employee vacation days, for the entire second half of the month.
— Electronista


Multiple reports coming out in the last couple of days have confirmed that the new iPhone(s) will be announced on Sep 10th and will be available to ship on the 20th of Sep. This is in line with last year's iPhone 5 timeline; iPhone 5 was announced on Sep 12th 2012 and started shipping out on the 21st of Sep. Also iOS 7 should be available to download on or just a few days before the new iPhone(s) ship(s). Mark your calendars!

Also contrary to a a recent report, 9to5mac has an in depth 'mythbuster' style article on how iPads will not be announced in the same event as the new iPhone(s). Since Apple has not had any major product releases yet, since last fall (2012) and most of its products are due for a refresh, it is going to be a busy and exciting fall.

It is highly unlikely that Bloomberg would bury such a scoop (of iPads and iPhones being announced in the same event) several paragraphs down in a story about a single new Apple Retail Store (Apple already has over 400 stores). This also directly contradicts a report from the very-well-sourced Bloomberg West. The Bloomberg report from two weeks ago explicitly states that the next-generation iPads will be unveiled after the new iPhones.