The Real story behind Apple's Manufacturing

Apple has also started reshoring production of some of its products (but not iPhones, yet) back to the US. Will this move eventually change the big picture that follows? No. 1 reason to outsource is FAST not cheap labor.
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Finally a one stop info-graphic based on facts about the real story behind Apple's or any major US based technology company's manufacturing. It is known fact that there is shortage of eligible workforce, be it Engineers or Technicians or even Floor managers in the US and foreign workers fill in the majority of these jobs. To bring manufacturing back to US, hi-tech and engineering talent pool has to increase and students have to start choosing these disciplines over the others. The problem is not lack of manufacturing facilities or costs, it is lack of skilled labors. But on the bright side with companies like Google and Apple trying hard, the tide is changing and the hopes of bringing manufacturing back to US are ever increasing!

Business leaders to Obama: We need more skilled workers and less uncertainty
— The Washington Post