Next Gen iPhone's Special feature?

Unlike the iPhone 5, the camera and flash are connected by a single sheet... will feature a dual LED flash component that is independent of the camera module. The dual LED flash will enable the next-generation iPhone to take better photographs in low-light environments.
iPhone 5's camera, source:

iPhone 5's camera, source:

Apple has historically paid a lot of attention to photos be it post clicking (like software like iPhoto or Aperture) or the camera in its mobile devices, mainly the iPhone. Till date there is almost an universal consensus that the iPhone 5's camera is the best all round camera on a smartphone and the most used one according to stats from sites like Flickr. This is in spite of the introduction of phones like Nokia Lumia 1020 that have unique features like image stabilization and  HTC One that has much better low light performance. The reason behind this is the level of unparalleled interaction that Apple can squeeze out of its own hardware and software. Hence even if the iPhone gets beaten in specs like the mega-pixels, processor speeds, etc. it still trumps every phone out there in the final outcome.

Since iPhone 5 was a major design overhaul from iPhone 4S and going by Apple's track record, the next gen iPhone is expected to be an 'incremental' upgrade and is rumored to be called the iPhone 5[S] (yeah not that difficult to guess, 4S and 3GS were the past ones). But could the camera be a differentiator this time around between the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5[S], like Siri and 3G were for the previous [S] versions? If there is any truth behind what has been a steady flow of rumors on the separated LED flash for iPhone 5[S], it definitely might be one of the differentiators.