Surface RT v/s iPad?

Microsoft released another new TV Ad attacking Apple's iPad today and clearly Microsoft's strategy of targeting Surface RT as an iPad competitor is not working. Leave alone competing with the iPad, Surface RT is not selling at all. Instead of attacking iPad on what features its (deliberately) missing, Microsoft might do better if they appeal to the potential customers on why they might want a Surface RT which has a confusing set of features, like being able to run only MS Office in traditional Windows mode and nothing else! While Surface Pro at least feels like a tablet, Surface RT is indeed a weird breed between a refrigerator and a toaster! Why is there a traditional Windows desktop in the Surface RT? I bet no one other than the mystical genius, Mr. Balmer knows the answer.

Though Windows RT touts a desktop environment which looks and feels very similar to Windows 7, the OS doesn’t allow for legacy Windows applications to be run or installed, save for the Office suite and a desktop version of Internet Explorer 10... Instead of being a no-compromise device, it often feels like a more-compromise one.
— The Verge


Anything can be forced to converge. But products are about trade-offs... You can merge a toaster and a refrigerator, but that’s probably not going to be pleasing to anyone.
— Tim Cook, April 2012