No black iPhone 5S

However much I put my head into this, I am unable to come up with more HARDWARE features (other than the above mentioned ones) that I yearn for my next gen iPhone. This is when you realize what a robust smartphone, iPhone 5 is!
— The Frustum

With the release of the iPhone 5S, Apple confirmed what was already leaked out almost to its entirety. The iPhone 5S is an iPhone 5 on steroids, just like the iPhone 4S was iPhone 4 on steroids. The iPhone 5S is a beast compared to the iPhone 5, and will easily please even the most spec hungry users amongst us. As I posted sometime back on what Apple can potentially improve upon iPhone 5 for iPhone 5S, a better internal (mainly battery life), a bigger screen and a better camera. Except for the bigger iPhone (which was not a surprise by any means), iPhone 5S has a much better processor, Apple's A7 and comparable or better than iPhone 5's battery life and of course the rumored dual LED flash camera. 



The biggest new feature of the iPhone 5S is the fingerprint sensor, again as a multitude of rumors already predicted. From the demos and hands on videos it works like a charm, and true to what Tim Cook and others repeated in today's event, Apple indeed does not add features just for the sake of adding features, like you know who! To start with, if I can unlock the iPhone and authenticate iTunes purchases without having to enter my passcode or password that is a great time saver. especially with the growing number of complicated passwords that I have to remember. Eventually one would expect Apple to release the fingerprint sensor API to the developers for a more rampant implementation. 

The biggest surprise about the iPhone 5S is actually related to the iPhone 5 or the lack of iPhone 5 from today. Apple discontinued the iPhone 5 all together and worse, the iPhone 5S does not come in full black, it only comes in a gray-slate (termed graphite in the rumors preceding today's events), a surprisingly not so 'gaudy' gold or champagne and a white one, similar to the iPhone 5 in white. So the black iPhone 5 I own and love is history as of today! Oh by the way, the 128GB iPhone rumor turned out to be a fad as well (FLASH memory prices are not scaling like how traditional memory did).