Samsung's Mobile Profits Plummet

Samsung Electronics reported overall Q3 operating profits of 4.06 trillion won ($3.8 billion)—a 60 percent year-over-year drop—while its Mobile division suffered a 73.9 percent drop in profits... despite slight growth in shipments, earnings declined QoQ as ASP decreased due to weak smartphone product mix and sales decrease put pressure on the cost structure... Samsung said its phone shipments in the quarter were “driven by mid to low-end products
— via AppleInsider

This is almost becoming old news nowadays. Every sensible, smartphone and technology enthusiast knew this was coming and here it is. There is Apple in the premium Smartphone market segment, where all the profit share is and there is everyone else in the mid to lower end market, where is there is literally no profits and only huge volumes of sales can make any kind of a positive dent... With Xiaomi and MicroMax beating Samsung in their own "field of expertise", Samsung seems to have landed itself in deep dark waters.