A take on Samsung's profit decline

As usual, as expected, a very nice take on Samsung's profit decline in the recent quarter(s) by Ben Bajarin at TechPinions. Samsung struggling to sustain profitability was well expected and predicted by almost everyone following the technology industry (especially Apple and Samsung), who was smart enough, but there will always be someone out there for whom 1 + 1 = 3 and not 2! 

I want to highlight the lessons learned and the key takeaways all hardware providers, but specifically those who ship someone else’s software like Windows, Windows Phone, Android, etc., must learn from Samsung’s cautionary tale... Ultimately, Samsung’s challenges occurred due to a lack of sustainable differentiation...
Those who did not see Samsung’s problems coming had a weak understanding of the dynamics of integrated and modular systems within the technology industry... Apple is an integrated player... Apple’s iPhone stands out not just at a hardware level but at a software level.
— Ben Bajarin