Nexus 9 Review from The Verge

UPDATE (11/04/14, 8PM): ArsTechnica is reporting that the Nexus 9 is on sale, that too on a 50% sale, a day after being introduced! I really don't get Google's hardware strategy... 

But unfortunately, the Nexus 9 just isn’t as good as it needs to be. It’s priced as high or higher than Apple’s tablets, but doesn’t offer anything in terms of hardware or performance to sway someone from just purchasing an iPad instead. The Nexus 9 would make a killer $249 or $299 tablet, but at $399, even last year’s iPad Air is a better buy for the vast majority of people.
— The Verge

Its been less than fours years since the first iPad was launched and its competitors don't seem to be even close to catching up with it. Watch the always well curated review of the Nexus 9 from The Verge, to see how well it compares to the iPad Air 2. The iPad might not be "growing" as much as all of us want it to grow in terms of its sales, but it clearly is leading the pack and looks like unlike the iPhone that the competitors "caught up" with, roughly in five years, iPad might not have any one catching up to it for a while! Here is the YouTube link for the video.