A new 4" iPhone?

I posted a piece back in September titled, "Where is the "new" 4" iPhone?" after the announcement of the new iPhone 6 models. After using the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus for a while now, though I haven't bought one myself (yet), I am confident that many of us will miss the wonder of the 4" iPhone form factor. 3.5" was too small and even the 4.7" might be too big for many out there. So it makes sense for Apple to have a 4" iPhone be available alongside its bigger cousins, be it the iPhone 5S or 5C successor or a new design all together in line with the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus design language. So this news of Apple planning to introduce a "new" iPhone that is 4" is good news to me, but apparently this rumor is a little too sketchy to even be considered a rumor. 

Japanese site Feng, seemingly citing DigiTimes as a source, is reporting the unlikely claim that Apple will next year replace the iPhone 5c with a new 4-inch model.
— via 9to5mac