Who is making more money than Google off Android?

Apparently everyone except Google, at least in China. A blog post from Ben Bajarin [TechPinions] looks at how much money Microsoft makes from Android. Ya I know Microsoft making money... that too from Android? Don't be surprised. Having been a technology stalwart for more than a decade earns you a lot of patents and patents make you money even if your own implementation of those patents is not doing so well (Windows Phone). 

Microsoft is pulling in healthy revenue from Android. We knew that Microsoft was holding on to patents which many Android OEMs are using and now paying Microsoft a fee. Microsoft may very well be making nearly as much and in some cases more than Google off Android.
— TechPinions

The most interesting point to note in this article is how Microsoft makes money off Android. Its a known fact that Android is installed on most phones (a whopping 80%) in the world. But while this fact alone makes it a great achievement for Android and Google, it actually doesn't make much money for Google. The reason being, the proliferation of extremely low cost Android phones mainly in China which all run Android (since its free) but are not linked to Google or its services in any way. And Google makes money off Android only through its services and getting Android customers hooked on to service usage, since the OS itself is free. However Microsoft makes money of its patents through Android and the contract is approximately $5 per Android device, note 'per' Android device. So Microsoft actually makes $5 per Android phone that is sold in China, when Google makes $0 from them (at least in the form of direct revenue).

While Microsoft makes a minimum fee off Android of at least $5, and sometimes more, Google’s revenue off an Android device varies and is dependent on the end user where Microsoft’s is not. I’d argue that Microsoft is able to monetize the low-end of the Android ecosystem magnitudes more than Google can.
— TechPinions

Now Google is not losing money on Android, and even if it is, it has nothing to worry (have you seen GOOG lately!). But the point I want to make here is the difference between Apple and Google's mobile strategy. Apple cares only about an integrated experience through the iOS and its devices and makes much more money with a mere 13% of global market share than what Google makes from its 80% market share [Forbes]. To re-iterate, market share numbers mean nothing (actually its a joke) towards actual profitability and more importantly the user experience. As this article rights points out, Google's actual profit from these many Android phones across the world could be just more usage data and who needs more data than Google!   

Windows alone is no longer a viable way to bring Microsoft’s backend services value to the mass market. If they can make money off a piece of hardware (like Surface, Nokia handset, or XBOX game console), off a services subscription from a consumer or a commercial customer, off an Android device sale, off an app store, off software (apps), off entertainment content, off accessories, and more, then you can make an argument that they may not just not shrink but that they may actually grow.
— TechPinions

Lastly the article also mentions that the only way for Microsoft to grow is basically, try to emulate Apple! By creating an ecosystem though its hardware, software and services together. This of course makes sense, as gone are the days of charging more than $300 for an OS (Windows) just because it is called "Professional" and make crazy money though the exorbitant profit margins out of it.