Apple TV 2.0 coming in 2014

Following our reports in recent months that Apple was looking to introduce a revamped Apple TV set-top box sometime around the month of March, Bloomberg is out with its own report today confirming much of what we’ve already reported. The report claims Apple is currently planning to launch the new Apple TV set-top box as early as April.
— Bloomberg via 9to5Mac

Of course. This is almost no news now. But Bloomberg reports [via 9to5Mac] that the announcement of the new Apple TV 2.0 could be as early as April of 2014, though the actual product will noir ship until Fall 2104. There are multiple news snippets around the Internet that Eddy Cue is in deep discussions with various content providers and the lack of reaching any agreements with them is the cause for the delay. And in addition to this, the laters news from CNET on Comcast buying Tim Warner, is apparently even more bad news for Apple TV. 

Bloomberg adds that a launch of the product is currently planned for Christmas but that might change if Apple isn’t able to nail down deals with content partners in time.
— 9to5Mac

But announcement in April and available in Fall, means a gap of almost six months. The last time Apple did that (other than the Mac Pro which was teased well in advance) was for the iPhone. Could this time around, other than the delay in negotiations with the content providers, the reason for the delay between announcement and shipping date be something else? Like say if Apple introduces a new Apple TV 2.0 and assuming it is a whole new platform (like it has been rumored), what if there is a App store specific to it, like the Mac App store, doesn't an Apple TV App store make sense? And if there is going to be an entire new ecosystem that gets unveiled along with the Apple TV 2.0 hardware, Apple is probably thinking of giving developers enough head start for developing some Apple TV Apps, before it actually starts shipping. A few months does sound like a reasonable head start for developing some kick-ass Apps, doesn't it?