Apple: Getting Manufacturing back to US, one step at a time

Apple Inc. (AAPL) added Flextronics International Ltd. (FLEX) as an assembler of Mac computers last year as Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook pushes forward with plans to have more of the company’s devices made in the U.S.
— Bloomberg

It was already known that Apple had shifted its Mac Pro manufacturing to US, in Texas, through Flextronics. It is official now [Bloomberg], with Apple releasing its Annual Supplier Report. Now with the Taiwan-based Quanta that already makes some Macs in California and the more than $570 million investment in Mesa, AZ for making Sapphire screens (not yet sure for what, the iPhone or the iWatch), Apple's plan is crystal clear. Apple and Tim Cook are bringing the the manufacturing of their extraordinary number of devices (Apple sold more than 90 billion devices just last quarter) to the US, ushering in a new age of manufacturing and industrial revolution. 

While shifting manufacturing and production to US from Asia might seem expensive on the surface, as it increases the cost of production, with s strong supply chain and a very mature and disciplined manufacturing and production experience, led by Tim Cook, himself, if anyone can do this close to impossible thing (bring manufacturing back to US), it has to be Apple! Other than stock repurchase, giving out dividends, buying companies of 10 digit valuation, I think this is one the major uses, that Apple foresees for its growing pile of $160 billion dollars or more cash hoard.