The epitome of creepiness or just another business model?

NewYorkTimes posted this piece on how Google accepts that its Google+ service is of no benefit to the users and just another way for Google to learn or track more about the users' web usage (to target Ads, 'better' of course). While this is not shocking, it is another uneasy truth to swallow. But why are even surprised about it? Its not that Google is hiding its intentions, and it has never done that. It is in their business model, their DNA, Google makes money through Ads and this is another way to 'target' Ads at you and with the the concerns of privacy at their highest, Google cannot accept this openly and hence the PR spin on it. 

But Google isn’t worried. Google Plus may not be much of a competitor to Facebook as a social network, but it is central to Google’s future — a lens that allows the company to peer more broadly into people’s digital life, and to gather an ever-richer trove of the personal information that advertisers covet.
— The NewYorkTimes