Apple's Ad strategy sucks... but for whom?

Advertising sales are a tough slog for both — and for a lot of the same reasons. Media buyers say they are slow, cocky and downright stingy. Both take too long to develop ad products. Amazon’s sales approach is too pushy; Apple is too reticent to foster relationships. Most frustrating: Neither is willing to cough up enough of the consumer data that attracts advertisers to them in the first place.
— Advertising Age

This article on Advertising Age is crystal clear to me. And for some reason reinforced the faith I had in Apple and induced a new found respect in me for Amazon. As a consumer, Ads suck (this is another reason that I am not a big fan of Google) and more so for me, as I consider myself a smarter buyer. Hear me out. If I want to buy something I tend not be influenced by Ads and generally like to do my research, before I make a decision and hence Ads in general are useless to me and actually are an irritating experience. Ads of course are great for Ad makers and people who make money out of them, but most of the times, through dubious means (check out the Squarespace's Super Bowl Ad that nails the Ad scene of the modern Internet so well).

The lack of data both companies deliver is frustrating for marketers because these notoriously opaque giants sit atop incredible troves of information about what consumers actually buy and like, as well as who they are and where they live. One person familiar with the situation exec said Apple’s refusal to share data makes it the best-looking girl at the party, forced to wear a bag over her head.
— Advertising Age

Hence as usual you can't have your cake and eat it too. Either be loyal to your customers by protecting their privacy like what Apple does or be loyal to your Ad partners, by selling them your customer's usage information, like what Google does. Reaching a mid-round in this is very difficult and no company has nailed it perfectly yet.