What is ethical Journalism?

The close relationship between Android licensees like Samsung and journalists covering the consumer electronics industry has grown increasingly sketchy. During this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, non other than the Associated Press inked a deal with Samsung that allowed the Korean conglomerate to tweet out sponsored messages as part of the official Associated Press news stream... CNET reportedly accepted funds from both Samsung and Microsoft to republish and promote positive reviews of their products, including a gushing CNET ‘editor’s choice’ that called Samsung’s Galaxy S4 the ‘everything phone for (almost) everyone.’
— AppleInsider

AppleInsider posted a long but in depth article on why in the recent years, Apple has been bashed shamelessly by a lot of news companies. The article cites a lot of anecdotal and circumstantial evidence, like Samsung cheating in benchmark tests and getting caught, CNET trying to trick users into reading sponsored reviews, by placing them in between real product reviews and many more such instances. While this report is very disturbing if any of these are true, it also does bring to light the sad state of affairs of the technology industry where technology journalists (not all, but quite a few) in general and online tech writers in particular have starting stopping to new lows! In this age where anyone and everyone can write anything online (and get paid by the number of Ad clicks), it is very important to be judicious in ingesting any information you get online. 

At the same time, while all those promotional expenses are allowing Samsung to take the lion’s share of Android sales, they don’t seem to actually be helping the company make any progress in its battle with Apple over the lucrative high end of the smartphone market, given that Apple continues to sell 50 percent more high end smartphones (and far more tablets) than Samsung does, despite a significantly fewer carrier partners than Samsung... It appears that Apple’s Tim Cook is not only choosing to spend his company’s money with more integrity, but is also doing so more effectively. While Samsung pushed 68 percent more phone shipments (unofficial numbers say 86 million phones, versus Apple’s 51 million iPhones) and spent much more on advertising and promotion, Apple earned nearly twice as much money in the quarter... That’s something the tech media didn’t even seem to notice.
— AppleInsider

All in all, hope truth survives in the end, because as a customer I do not want to fooled by fake reviews, benchmarks, etc. and end up buying a phone that I will regret paying hundreds of dollars on!