100M-200M iPhone displays... that too made of Sapphire?

It appears that Apple is planning to build sapphire-crystal displays for future iPhones. This is opposed to this facility building sapphire components for future Apple Touch ID fingerprint readers and caps for camera sensors.
— 9to5mac

Earlier reports suggested that the facility being built in Arizona would be used for building fingerprint sensors for the iPhone 5S and future Touch ID enabled products. But 9to5mac reports today that, based on some recent documents that were uncovered, it seems that Apple has other plans for the Sapphire plant in AZ, i.e., iPhone displays. A previously shot video [via YouTube] also surfaced recently showing the endurance of the Sapphire screens on the iPhones, even when pitched against concrete! 

As of now, according to shipping documents and other data from Margolis, GT Advanced has received 518 of the pictured units, with another 420 machines on order (that have yet to be assembled). The first 518 units, according to Margolis, could build between 103 million and 116 million ~5-inch displays per year. The additional machines would nearly double that annual output with an additional 84 million to 94 million screen covers.
— 9to5mac

The numbers being predicted here clearly point to a huge number of sapphire screens being planned to be manufactured and this does not seem to suggest tiny Touch ID sensors. Bottom line is that Apple should be commended (tremendously) for bringing back these manufacturing jobs (the new Mac Pro is being manufactured in Texas as well) to America, albeit at a slow pace. And I think this is what Tim Cook and Apple have in mind on how to spend the huge cash pile they are sitting on, at least a percentage of if.