Tim Cook's WSJ Interview - Further tidbits

What we got yesterday from 9to5mac and AppleInsider were only excerpts from the interview that the WSJ managed to get out of Tim Cook recently. WSJ today released the entire interview and other than the points of interest noted yesterday, there are a few more tidbits of interest. 

When asked about emerging markets and Apple, Tim Cook mentioned that the iPhone is the first and only major Apple product that has done this well outside USA. He also bragged a little about the amount of business that Apple does in China (little less than $30 billion last year) and that they are the only American company to do business of that magnitude in China! He also mentioned the fifty new carriers that Apple is going to partner with this coming quarter. 

More important note from him was on the Mac. He said that they have not given up on the Mac and are spending a lot of effort and money in making the Mac even better and are trying to capture those customers who are ditching the the PC. And did you know that Apple sold more than $171 billion worth of stuff last year alone!

And we haven’t given up on the Mac. A lot of people are throwing in the towel right now on the PC. We’re still spending an enormous amount on really great talent and people on the Macs of the future. And we have some really cool things coming out there. Because we believe as people walk away from the PC, it becomes clear that the Mac is what you want if you want a PC.

When asked about marketshare of the iPhone and in general, Tim Cook reiterated the usual Apple mantra of not making the most but the best. But he also mentioned how he looked at the smartphone market as three classes, the real smartphone market, the wannabes and the feature phones. And that Apple is the number one or two in the smartphone market in a lot of countries. 

Once again, I do care about that last category and you want to be relevant. (Among true smartphones), we’re number one in the U.S., we’re number one in Canada, we’re number one in Japan, we’re number two in Western Europe, we’re number two in Eastern Europe. We’re number two in Asia when you take Japan out. So in most geographies, in most major regions of the world, we’re one or two. Would I like to be one in the places where we are two? You better believe it.

On comparing the PC market to the tablet market, Tim Cook said that Apple is clearly ahead of any other competitor thanks to its huge, extensive eco system of tablet specific Apps. He also poked a little of how Android fragmentation is much worse than what it was in Windows. Finally he dissed out further at Google on their recent sell off of Motorola saying Google was never fully committed to Motorola and integrating their own hardware and software and he was not surprised about the sell off. He further added that doing your own hardware, software and services and getting it right is really hard and that no one does it as well as Apple. 

We have over a million apps on iOS. We have over half-million that have been optimized for iPad. That half-million compares to 1,000 for Android tablets. That’s one of the reasons, although not the only reason, why the experience on Android tablets is so crappy because the app is nothing more than a stretched out smartphone app.