Apple's 2014 Q3 results

Apple posted its 2014 Q3 results today and as usual they were very good. The iPhone was again the top performer even beating bullish Wall street analysts' expectation, selling over 35 million units (iPhone 5C apparently helped a lot!), while the average expectation was in the 34 million units. iPads disappointed (well kind of) by selling only 13 million or so units (but Tim Cook mentioned that he is bullish on the tablets, does it mean that interesting things are expected in this category soon?). But Macs surprised everyone by selling a good 4.4 million units, easily beating average expectation of around 3.8 million, mostly due to the popularity of the lower cost Macbook Airs and an astonishing 39% increase in sales in China (Halo effect of all those iPhones being sold there?). Bear in mind that this quarter is generally a relatively quite quarter in terms of sales for Apple as not many new products get released at this time of the year and more so this year where we still haven't seen any new hardware product refreshes.

One thing that stood out this time though was how the stock market reacted. Generally the Apple stock goes plummeting down in the after hours trading and the next morning after opening as well. This did not happen last time as Apple announced its plan for a 7 to 1 split and that propelled the stock to go record highs actually, after the results were announced. But if you exclude the last quarter, it is after a really long time that the Market has not panicked after an Apple's quarterly results announcement (AAPL is down only by 0.5% after the results were announced). In the past this (stock plummeting after results announcement) has been attributed not to the actual results of the previous quarter that were announced in the calls, but due to the lower than expected next quarter guidance on sales issued by Apple. So if this did not happen this quarter, does that mean that Apple's next quarter (2014 Q4) guidance is acceptable, in the eyes of Wall street?

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