iPhone 6 to be launched in Mid-September?

With all the rumors pouring in for the last few months and almost all details (except for the iPhone's screen size) of the new iPhone 6 already outed thanks to Apple's supply chain mostly, it should come as no surprise that Apple is planning to release a new iPhone model, the iPhone 6 this Fall. This event generally happens around September every year and this year seems to be no different as 9to5mac points out that this event is supposed to be scheduled for the second or third week of September. Supply chain and manufacturing delays are quoted to be the reasons for this time frame to still be only 'tentative' and not confirmed. 

Common sense suggests that iOS 8 should be ready by then and Apple will release this new iPhone with iOS 8. Also following rumors that have been around for more than a year now (more steam generated by this latest Apple patent on iTime!) on an Apple 'smart watch' (for a lack of a better word), another event is expected to be scheduled later this year, in October for this new product category and Mac OS X and new models of iPad (but only minor refreshes like the Touch ID) may be combined with the smart watch in this event. Either way a very tightly packed few months for Apple indeed!