New MacBook Pros with Retina display to be announced tomorrow?

UPDATE: Apple just released the refreshed MacBook Pros with Retina display, with minor clock sped bumps and increased RAM offerings exactly as per this rumor. Also, both lowest end 13" MacBook Pro with DVD drive and the highest end pre-configured 15" MacBook Pro is  Retina display see a price cut of $100. 

As I had posted a few days back, this is a bad time to buy a MacBook Pro as they seem to be nearing their time for an impending refresh. At that time no one seemed to be sure of what that refresh might be or when it might be. The delay however seemed to be due to Intel's delay in releasing the next generation 'Broadwell' processors, which Intel later announced, will be ready by end of this year. Another rumor that has been floating around for a while now is the 12" MacBook (Pro or Air) with Retina display. But a new posting over the weekend on a French site MacG (via AppleInsider), suggests that similar to the spec bumps that Apple's iMacs and the MacBook Airs have seen this year, the MacBook Pros with Retina display will also see a spec bump, and as early as tomorrow (July 29th). These spec bumps are in line with the recent updates that Intel released for their current generation processors, Haswell (via 9to5mac). So Apple instead of waiting for the Broadwell processors that might not be ready for the holiday season in the US, seems to have decided to offer an intermediate refresh to the MacBook Pros.

Leaked screenshot of alleged impending MacBook Pro refresh (Source: MacG via AppleInsider)

Leaked screenshot of alleged impending MacBook Pro refresh (Source: MacG via AppleInsider)

More information on the alleged refresh of the MacBook Pros suggest that, other that the spec bump in the clock speeds of the processors, the RAM offered in the 15" base model that retails for $1999, will be bumped up to 16GB from the current 8GB, but the price of different models will remain the same. Though most likely, the highest RAM that can be added in these MacBook Pros will still remain the same, i.e., 16GB, this bump in the amount of RAM in the base model will be a significant cost upgrade to many buyers, as right now it will cost you $200 to upgrade the RAM in the base model from 8GB to 16GB. 

More importantly, this suggests that there are no major refreshes expected in the MacBook Pro line even next year, other than the shift to the Broadwell processors. Apple might introduce a new category of notebooks with the 12" MacBook (Pro or Air) with Retina display and then eventually expand that design aesthetic to all its notebooks, up to the 15" ones, like they did with Retina display models. Apple introduced Retina display with a thinner unibody design only in the 15" high model first, before spreading the same design aesthetic to the 13" ones as well. So with this new 12" MacBook they might go the other way. Either way if Apple refreshes its current MacBook Pro line tomorrow, like this rumor suggests, I think it is a good time to buy a MacBook Pro, at least for those who are looking for a desktop replacement, like me and not a portable laptop.