Forbes' Horace Deidu of Asymco Interview

There was a recent short interview of Horace Deidu of Asymco on Forbes and this one was a classic. I was not just impressed by the Horace's answers, I am used to that and that is what we expect from him as a smart analyst, having been following for a long time on both his blog and his podcast. But the questions posed to him were also really smart and intelligent. The highlight of the interview was the question on what questions Horace would ask in an imaginary interview with Tim cook, for which his response was purely about creativity and the people responsible for it in Apple. Any other "analyst" would have asked him when the darn Apple "i"TV will be announced! 

1. How are employees at Apple motivated and retained? My concern here is that with the vastness of opportunities in technology, how can any company retain its most important resource. I consider talent far harder to obtain than capital. We are obsessed with allocating capital (which is over-abundant and should be squandered) while we treat the sources of ideas as commodities (which they are not as they are scarce and should be hoarded). I hope management can be forthcoming about what they are doing to really touch the employee’s creativity buttons as a means to keep them.

2. How is the company structured for a creative and innovation business model? I’d like to get deeper into the functional/divisional org structure dichotomy. If you look at Apple, their functional org is striking but I suspect there is much more to it than that. Functional does not scale to where they are so how do they do it? Is the org structure actually a key to the first question? Is it actually the secret sauce? I’d love to hear him compare and contrast with Pixar, especially given what Ed Catmull wrote in Creativity, Inc.
— Horace Deidu via Forbes