Another App Store Story

As I am preparing myself for making my first iOS App, I have been following stories revolving around this topic, as you might have noticed in the previous posts in this blog (Stuart Hall's story and Jared Sinclair's story). I came across this one through Jim Darlymple and it is another interesting App Store story, this time by Stephen Orth, on his experience as not solely as an Indie developer, but more like a pseudo-Indie developer. His App is an hours logging App that saw some decent success, but the lesson from his story is that, before dreaming of making it big with your Indie App on the App store, it is wise to be a little pragmatic and think of doing some other related work, that guarantees a steadier flow of income, consulting for App development. A definite read... 

Can I develop an iOS App? - Update

My quest to learn to develop an iOS App is coming along well. I was able to finish the code school's introduction to Objective C (as I had mentioned in my previous post), but I still felt that I needed a more in-depth back ground of Objective C before jumping into Xcode to start an iOS App. So I thought of looking into I was impressed when I had previously used that site for learning something about pivot tables in Excel and I went back there to see if they had anything related to Objective C and of course they did. They had a whole course on Objective C, presided over by Simon Allardice. I buckled up an finished the entire course over the weekend (the course is around six hours long) and I have to say this is by far the best online 'short' course I have ever taken. Now Objective C does not scare me (you do need a basic background in coding before taking up this course) and Simon is a great teacher and the flow of the class is just perfect. I was so impressed with his Objective C course that I immediately searched to see if he was offering any iOS App development course and indeed he was. I actually started listening to the first few lectures of his iOS App development course and this course shares the same flare as his Objective C course. These courses are a definite must for anyone starting off with iOS App development. is an excellent resource for learning many things, online from operating an equipment to coding (Source: is an excellent resource for learning many things, online from operating an equipment to coding (Source: is not a free site, but you can get a free seven day trial to watch unlimited videos in that period. If you can cram in some time over a week, you can actually finish at least a dozen of these courses for free. But my guess is that once you start listening to these lectures, you will be hooked to the site. The site boasts excellent, quality lectures that are really innovative in their approach. They are not too long, like the courses on iTunes U, but are not too short either like the videos on YouTube, they are just about right, a few hours for each topic and the courses are divided into smaller chapters that fit in well with any free time one might have through out the day. 

With this I have officially started iOS App development. But again, my day job and managing this blog allows me time for iOS App development only during the weekends, but I am already happy with my progress in just a few days.