The best post on the Apple Watch

With the Internet having taken up the fourth place after food, water and shelter in our necessities and priorities, any Tom, Dick and Harry can start writing online and get others to read. But that doesn't mean the best writers and thinkers still don't exist out there. Take the Apple Watch for example. So much has been said about it, some positive, some negative, but most ignorant. Trying to compare Apple Watch to the so called "we beat Apple to it" smartwatches out there. To understand how the company, Apple, works go no further than the site Daring Fireball. John Gruber's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus reviews were on the trot, but his post on the Apple Watch is something else, an epic, yeah that is exactly what it is. Like he mentions in his article, he might end up being terribly wrong, next year, when Apple actually releases the Apple Watch, but that is not the point. Read his entire article and it will be evident why he is truly one of the best tech writers/thinkers out there and on why he gets held up so highly even by Apple. Thanks John Gruber for being the biggest motivation for me to get into what I am doing right now here at the Frustum. If I get to become 1/100th as good as you are, I will be more than successful!