Another nonsense-gate

I am not even going to entertain this so called controversy of "bendgate" by positing more than this one post on this blog. It is total bull crap and another ill fated attempt to either garner more attention at the cost of Apple or a cheap publicity stunt to tarnish some of the very positive response the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have got. I think this article from AppleInsider summarizes this nonsense completely. It is up to the user to decide if he/she wants a smartphone that is thin, weightless, made of metal and is slick that can bend when deliberately bent with force or stuffed inside tight pants for extended times or a phone that is thick, bulky, made of plastic, that can resist bending better but will break at the same amount of pressure. This is the difference between malleable metals and brittle plastic. 

Compared to the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, it appears the iPhone 6 requires much more force to flex, and the final result is only slight bend in the frame. Hilsenteger notes that the kink can be reset by applying pressure in the opposite direction...

As for the HTC One M8, the bend test caused the screen to pop out slightly from the casing, while internal adhesive bonds can be heard crunching as they become unseated... Coming out practically unscathed from the test was the Moto X, which sports an arched back and comparatively thick body design. Testing Nokia’s polycarbonate Lumia saw the display break free in certain spots only to return to its original position once pressure was removed.

Finally, the 4-inch iPhone 5s was found nearly unbendable, which Hilsenteger believes is thanks to the smaller form factor.
— via AppleInsider

Like any other Apple product, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus seem to be extremely durable, much more so than any other competitor out there, in fact they have been dubbed the "the toughest iPhones made", that performed the best amongst any phone tested by SquareTrade (via 9to5mac).