iPhone 6 Plus - Not for everyone

As soon as Apple announced the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus, it was clear that the iPhone 6 was the successor to the iPhone 5S, as the iPhone 5 was to the 4S. However the iPhone 6 Plus appeared so much better, hardware wise, well because Apple made it so much better. The iPhone 6 is clocked at a slightly but higher speed, it has a bigger battery that gives appreciable improvement from the iPhone 6's battery life, it has a much better camera and finally it is $100 more expensive. So of course the public's conception is that the iPhone 6 Plus is the best iPhone that can be bought at this time. I blogged about this even before the iPhone 6 announcement. As an Apple fanatic and a technology connoisseur, I want to have the latest and the greatest iPhone. So I should buy an iPhone 6 Plus, right? No. 

The iPhone 6 Plus feels significantly bigger than the iPhone 6, which itself if much bigger than the iPhone 5S (Source: Apple.com)

The iPhone 6 Plus feels significantly bigger than the iPhone 6, which itself if much bigger than the iPhone 5S (Source: Apple.com)

However tempting it is for me to buy an iPhone 6 Plus, I don't think it is the right choice for me. For me the purpose of an iPhone is predominantly to use it whenever and wherever I need it as it is right there next to me, most of the times with only one hand and this one handed usability is very important to me. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are designed exceptionally thin and sleek and almost weightless for a reason and that is to make the taller phones seem comfortable to use or offset some of the weight and height increase by decreasing the thickness. But this sleek design comes at a cost. I feel like the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are so slippery (without the case), the 6 Plus even more so as it is too big to hold in one hand. So for me the ultimate choice came down to having an iPhone that is one tick "lower" in being the best iPhone available v/s the one handed use and decided to go with the one handed use. I of course did this after going to the Apple store and spending a good amount time with both the models, trying to recreate my everyday use cases with them. I am not happy about this, that is to having to choose between better hardware and portability, but that is life. 

Removed from its slim, minimalistic cardboard home, the iPhone 6 Plus’s size intimidated me. I couldn’t decide how to hold the thing, so I cradled its bottom in my right hand and its top in my left, like a vulnerable cranium.
— The Verge

Since Apple let customers pre-order their iPhone 6 models this time and it was this time in a long while, the iPhone has gone through a "major" change, design wise, a lot of people pre-ordered iPhone 6 Plus without even looking at it in person. While, like I mentioned yesterday, many of them might already have experienced a "big" smartphone, as they were switching from Android Phablets, there are bound be a good number of them who have pre-ordered an iPhone 6 Plus and have never used a smartphone this big in their life. For these people it is going to be a surprise (and some shock) as to how bight the 6 Plus actually is. Some small portion of them might even realize it to be almost useless for their use case of the iPhone that might predominantly involve using it in one hand. 

Apple clearly reacted to the market in deciding to make larger iPhones. There are many people who are delighted to use a smartphone with two hands, but many others who, like me, want to be able to use it with one hand as well. Apple is still selling the iPhone 5s at a lower price since it’s last year’s model. But I wonder if the company will keep selling the older model in large numbers to people who simply don’t want a phone as big as the iPhone 6.
— Macworld

This issue with the iPhone 6 Plus is understandable as the iPhone jumps from the 4" form factor to a 5.5" form factor. However there are some worst case examples (Macworld) even with the iPhone 6. While there was some uproar at the increase in the iPhone size from iPhone 4S's 3.5" screen to the iPhone 5S"s 4" screen, it subsided quickly as customers got used to the taller iPhone 5. Now while I am sure this will happen soon with the iPhone 6, there will be more people this time missing a "new" 4" iPhone (Where is the "new" 4" iPhone?) than there were people who missed a "new" 3.5" iPhone two years ago. 

In summary it is very important that you try out the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models before you buy them, particularly this time. due to the "significant" increase in the iPhone screen size or else be prepared to be surprised by the iPhone 6's bigger presence when you first get your iPhone 6. 

It is very important that you try out the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models before you buy them