Apple is of course working on a car...

Some really nice thoughts from M. G. Siegler, here. Like I mentioned in my column on this topic, he shares an essential thought on Apple creating new industries or more on how it has not happened more than once in Apple's history. 

People always point to and talk about number five (Create a new industry). The problem is that Apple has really only done this once in its history: in the beginning with the personal computer. Apple’s other successes, including their biggest: the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, all were successes in categories that existed well before Apple entered the space
— M. G. Siegler

So will Apple wait for someone else to first introduce a mediocre version of a self driving car before its Apple car release (like the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad and the Apple Watch) or will it create this self driving car industry by itself leading for the front (like the Mac)?