iOS Public beta?

Apple has grown tremendously in the last decade and the main credit for this goes to iOS and the iPhone in particular, that has given Apple the power of almost a billion iOS users. But as usual, with great power comes great responsibility and more importantly, with great power comes an even greater number of issues for the company to solve. Apple in the last year or so has been criticized severely for the increasing number of bugs and crashes and the criticisms are highly justified. But Apple as we know has never been one to sit on their back sides and let the tide retreat on its own and this time is no different. Apple though has not acknowledged these issues publicly, so far, appears to be taking the first few (baby?) steps in the right direction. 

It just works, was never completely true, but I don’t think the list of qualifiers and asterisks has ever been longer. We now need to treat Apple’s OS and application releases with the same extreme skepticism and trepidation that conservative Windows IT departments employ.
— Marco Arment
Apple's most recent iOS, iOS 8 has been plagued with bugs, that Apple has been struggling to squash (Source:

Apple's most recent iOS, iOS 8 has been plagued with bugs, that Apple has been struggling to squash (Source:

With more features and added complexity to the operating system, iOS nowadays hasn't been falling short in features compared to Android, but has been struggling with quality control issues. Bugs are a real trouble as they do not show up in the majority of the use cases majority of the times and thats what makes then really difficult to catch and solve. The one proven way to handle these bugs is to increase the number of people testing the beta releases and with only tens of thousands of employees (compared to a billion iOS end users), Apple was lacking test subjects for debugging its iOS so far. So not for the first time (Apple did the same with its Mac OS recently), Apple is supposedly going to expand its beta testers by opening its iOS releases to the public before a mass deployment to the end users, according to 9to5mac

In an effort to eliminate bugs from upcoming iOS versions ahead of their general releases, Apple plans to launch the first-ever public beta program for the iOS operating system, according to multiple people briefed on the plans. Following the successful launch of the OS X Public Beta program with OS X Yosemite last year, Apple intends to release the upcoming iOS 8.3 as a public beta via the company’s existing AppleSeed program in mid-March, according to the sources.
— 9to5mac

This is indeed a very good first step from Apple to make its iOS a less buggier OS, but as always as end users, be careful not to install these beta softwares on your primary devices and have in mind, the fact that these beta releases are supposed to be extremely buggy in most cases.