The $20,000 Apple Watch

By now if anyone of us have any doubts on the pricing of the Apple Watch Edition, this piece by John Gruber ought to do it. 

I now think Edition models will start around $10,000 — and, if my hunch is right about bands and bracelets, the upper range could go to $20,000. I was off by a factor of two
— John Gruber

I have two comments on this:

  • Having grown up in India, the culture there is very different from the West. People amass wealth with great difficulty and will a billion people competing with you, it is a challenge indeed. But once successful in this pursuit people are not shy in showing off (just like in China). So jewelry (mainly gold) is big part of Indian lives all though out from birth to death.
  • Secondly gold is considered the best investment for any family to make to their future and for their children. Gold is revered and almost divine. Families start investing in gold little by little and repeatedly melt and recast them in to more modern forms of jewelry with minimal wastage.

In summary I strongly agree with a lot of shrewd Apple watchers' advice as to not to look at the Apple Watch (mainly the Edition) as a technology product, but as a piece of jewelry with high technology induced in it and that this argument is more relevant to the East than the West. 

India's obsession with gold is well known (Source:

India's obsession with gold is well known (Source: