The worst argument against the Apple Car

When I wrote my column on the rumored Apple Car a few days back, I made one point for the bull case scenario or it was more a point against a bear case scenario for the Apple Car. 

Though there are a bunch of car manufacturers out there who do not make much profit compared to what Apple makes from its iPhones and iPads, things will change with an Apple car. Remember Apple competes only in “luxury” range of any product. So comparing Ford’s profits to an Apple car and deeming it to be too low for Apple to even mull about it a little short sighted. If Apple makes a car, it will place it such that the car stands out amongst its competitors well enough for Apple to justify a higher than usual profit margin, just like everyone one of it existing products.

This article on Vox talks about the same point I had made but in a bit more detail. Comparing the profits Apple makes on its smartphones and computers to rest of its competitors is like comparing Apples to oranges, no I mean it is literally like comparing night and day. 

If Apple weren’t already earning tens of billions of dollars in smartphone profits, people might look at this landscape and say it would be pointless for Apple to get into the market. How are you going to compete with zero-margin handsets and a free operating system?
— via Vox