Death of Apple AirPort Extreme

Tired of using cheap routers, I bought an Apple Airport Extreme a few years ago. I of course did not spend hundreds of dollars on the overpriced Apple Time Capsules, but rather discovered a way to connect third party external USB hard drives to the Airport Extreme to enable automatic time machine backups (see here for instructions on how to do that), over the air. I have had a few minor issues with the Airport Extreme, like trouble connecting when we moved apartments, etc, but nothing major and I absolutely love it. In fact I was thinking of upgrading my old Airport Extreme to a newer model, when I heard of the rumor ( via Bloombe rg) that Apple is going to stop making them!

Apple Inc. has disbanded its division that develops wireless routers, another move to try to sharpen the company’s focus on consumer products that generate the bulk of its revenue, according to people familiar with the matter.
— via Bloomberg
Apple' AirPort Extreme might be in its death bed (Image source: 

Apple' AirPort Extreme might be in its death bed (Image source: 

Apple recently has been going through a lot of changes and a lot of them have affected a lot of long term mac users. And this one affects me! The reason for this move is not clear to me from this article (except for the line that says Apple wants to focus on more profitable products), and it just could be Apple cutting "fat" in its product lines and evolving its businesses model according to the modern markets. Either way I am saddened about this rumor.

But all is not lost as another rumor/wish (via Macworld) today suggest that Apple which has already been rumored to be working on an Alexa like voice recognition, always ON, speaker, could integrate the AirPort Extreme functionality into one Siri speaker. Though I personally don't care about Alexa like products, I would definitely buy an Apple's version of Alexa just for its router capabilities! 

Looking at the likes of the Amazon Echo and Google Home, it’s not hard to imagine Apple packaging a great-sounding speaker with an array of microphones with which to interact with Siri.
— via Macworld