Apple Watch Update 3.1.1 bricks some Apple Watch Series 2 devices

We have had yet another instance of an Apple update bricking some of its devices. The most recent victim seems to be the Apple Watch, specifically the Apple Watch Series 2. According to AppleInsider, Apple has pulled the latest watchOS update 3.1.1 from its servers after some Watch Series 2 users complained of their Watches being bricked. Also the only solution to this problem seems to be to turn in the Watch at the Apple Store for service. 

Apple Watch owners attempting to upgrade to watchOS 3.1.1 through the dedicated Watch app on iOS will find watchOS 3.1 as the current version, meaning Apple has temporarily disabled the point update after its release on Monday... For reasons as yet unknown, yesterday’s software update appears to have bricked some Apple Watch Series 2 units. Customers impacted by the faulty code reported seeing a recovery screen with a red exclamation mark after attempting to install watchOS 3.1.1.
— via AppleInsider

A few of points to note here are;

  • This is happening way too frequently nowadays with Apple updates. The iPhone has been the most affected Apple product in this saga.
  • Note that these bricking issues have happened to only a small percentage of the user base
  • And this makes it hard for Apple to catch this during its testing as these edge cases might not even show up in their qualification process
  • All that being said, Apple still needs to address this issue, as each one of these incidents is reducing the trust its users have on its Over The Air (OTA) updates