Apple AirPods and Android phones

Unlikely combination in the title! I know. But its true. Apple AirPods use an universal standard, Bluetooth and can work with any device that supports Bluetooth and hence they can be used with Android phones as well, as I had mentioned the AirPods review roundup before. However since I am alien to the Android world, it was to good to get a perspective from the other side via this article. And I am not sure if I am surprised or not but the from this one review, it seems that the Apple AirPods may be the best Bluetooth earbuds for Android phones. Now if only Apple can make enough of them! 

But once paired to any Android phone — I mainly used them with the LG V20 and Google Pixel — the experience was superb. Pairing, as said, was reliable, and I have yet to experience a lost connection. Even better, I’ve found them to be far more trustworthy over long distances than most other Bluetooth headphones; I’ve climbed stairs, closed doors, and even gone outside, all with my phone sitting two or more dozen feet away with no skips.
— via Android Central