The iPad Pro Desktop (?)

I recently posted an iPad Pro 9.7" review and my impressions of it are highly positive and I am using it everyday and liking it more by the day. However, though I want to use my iPad Pro as my primary and only computer, mainly because I can use it to browse and read much easier than I can on my MacBook Pro, the limitations of iOS for my use case are too much to compromise. However the iPad is getting there, albeit gradually. Here is a nice write up of using an iPad Pro as a desktop replacement from The Brooks Review. 

It’s been over a year, and I am still going along with the iPad Pro as my desktop machine. It’s been a fantastic machine once I took time to make my desk better accommodate the new ways I work. The iPad Pro as a desktop machine, is a fantastic decision.
— via The Brooks Review

I am really hoping Apple does much more than what the current iOS 10 is willing to do on the iPad and I hope this happens fairly soon as others (like the Windows Surface Book) are catching up!