More iPhone 7 rumors, rather see-saws

Just yesterday, I posted a link, that said that Apple will include a 3.5 mm headphone jack in its next iPhone, the iPhone 7. However today, there is another rumor, albeit from a relatively more reliable source, this time, from WSJ (via 9to5mac), that reiterates that iPhone 7 will indeed get rid of the headphone jack.

Of course this article also reemphasizes the old rumor that the iPhone 7 will look almost identical to the iPhone 6S, while being a little thinner. This seems to be a fair rumor as people have speculated this for a while. The reason? Well there are a few floating around. But my guess is that since iPhone 8 will mark the ten year anniversary for the iPhone, Apple might reserve some big changes to the iPhone to commemorate the occasion and/or that the technology that Apple or Johny Ive have imagined for the next major overhaul of the iPhone (like edge to edge glass, with no home button, fingerprint scanner embedded below the touchscreen through out its area, possible curved display, etc.) is not yet ready for a 2016 iPhone. 

iPhone 7 rumors have been notably tame this year, and that’s because the next-generation iPhone is widely expected to be a further revision to the iPhone 6 series and not a radically different design.
— WSJ via 9to5mac