The iPhone headphone jack silliness

The blogosphere has been full of rumors of alleged removal of the 3.5 mm headphone jack on the alleged iPhone 7 (yes all this is just alleged as of now). While rumors are all but common in Apple ecosystem, silliness is also prevalent in abundance in sites covering Apple stories. Sometimes even the best tech blogs out there succumb to such nonsense. The recent episode is such an unfortunate situation is The Verge's article written by Nilay Patel. I like Nilay Patel's writing in general but sometime he writes like he is someone else, total nonsense. This is not the first time I am disagreeing with him either (follow along this link for previous criticisms of Nilay Patel).

But the crux of his really stupid article is that Apple is hostile, arrogant, doomed, stupid, etc. if it decides to forgo the 3.5 mm headphone jack on the next iPhone, the iPhone 7. I am not sure if this rumor has any validity, but if it turns out to be true, then this is not something new in any way, shape or form. No one needed or realized that they wanted a personal computer before the Mac was introduced and then the iPhone. No one again needed or realized that they wanted a touchscreen smartphone prior to the iPhone. All these were things which we never thought we would covet but now can't live without. The same way things that disappeared, thanks to Apple, like the floppy drive, the DVD drive, now pretty much all the ports on the new MacBook, created a hell of ruckus when they were first removed. But that did not hamper Apple in any way. In fact Apple became stronger and successful thanks to it leading the way for future technology. So arguing that Apple's biggest mistake to date would be omitting the headphone jack in the next iPhone, just makes you sound like an idiot who has no clue about Apple's history or technology's past decade or two history. Sorry Nilay, sometime it seems that you write things against Apple just because you want The Verge not to sound too Apple friendly! 

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