An USB C MacBook Pro?

Remember the recent MacBook rumors? There was another article from Mark Gurman at Bloomberg today that added a couple of new points to the previous rumors. It is all but confirmed that the new MacBook models will have an OLED touchscreen display in place of the transitional function keys. There is also a strong rumor that the new models will have a Touch ID like finger print sensor (yay!).

MacBook Rumors

But this post from Gurman adds that the new models will also have options to upgrade to even more powerful graphic processors targeted at power hungry users like hardcore gamers. But the interesting addition to the list of MacBook rumors is that the new models will have USB C ports for connectivity. These are the same ports that comes with the new one port MacBooks. They are similar to the lighting ports that Apple uses on the iPhones, reversible, data and power can flow through them, etc. but have their pros and cons over the lightning port.

The new top-of-the-line MacBook Pros will be slightly thinner than the current models but are not tapered like the MacBook Air and latest 12-inch MacBook... An option for a version featuring a higher-performance graphics chip from Advanced Micro Devices Inc. will be available... The new design will include USB-C technology, a multifunctional type of port that can handle charging, data transfers, and display connectivity, one of the people said.
— Mark Gurman via Bloomberg

I am personally happy to hear about this rumor as if there is one thing that I would want from Apple in terms of the ports on its devices, I want the port on my Apple devices to be generic ones or follow a standard accepted industry wide. I know this is a tall ask for Apple as the reason it sticks to its own ports is that it allows the company to innovate much faster than the rest of the industry. And I also know that just because the new MacBooks might have a USB C port, it doesn't mean that the iPhones and iPads will all convert to USB C ports. But I think this is a good sign that we are seeing USB C ports proliferate into Apple computers. But then again Apple might just be thinking of this step as a replacing the existing USB ports on its computers to an updated industry standing and in that case we will never see an USB C port on the iPhones or the iPads. 

P.S: Also remember the iPhone rumor that Apple will get rid of the headphone jack on the new iPhone 7? Having a lightning port on the iPhone and no lightning port on the Macs, means that the same wired headphones might not work on both devices without a dongle. So what will Apple decide, will it replace the iPhones with USB C (eventually) or will it include a lightning port on the Macs?