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The Frustum is one of the fastest growing, a no bull technology website/blog with a focus on Apple. The site has an ever growing audience who are technology connoisseurs and are highly active, online. The blog has an extraordinary focus on quality of content and a straightforward and honest approach to modern day technology coverage. The site covers a wide range of article types from in-detailed reviews, breaking news, to thorough how-to articles and much more. 

Some key statistics for this blog as of September 2014 are:

  • An audience of greater than 8000
  • An average of almost 1000 page views and visits per month
  • More than 100 subscribers are growing
  • The Facebook page of The Frustum has more than 270 subscribers
  • More than 60 Twitter followers

What does a Sponsor get?

There will be only one sponsor per week on The Frustum. The sponsor gets a clear Ad area on every page on the website in the sidebar, that can house one picture (representing the sponsor's business), a text area below that can have two (or more) lines, detailing the sponsor, that may include direct links to the sponsor's website(s). Finally at the beginning of the sponsorship period, a post and a tweet thanking the sponsor will be posted. See below for an example of sponsorship at The Frustum.  


Cost of Sponsorship

There will only be one sponsor at The Frustum for a week and the cost of this sole sponsorship is only $25. Contact me using the Contact page above or send an email to thefrustumblog@gmail.com if you are interested in sponsoring this website. A few point to be aware of regarding sponsoring this site are:

  • The size of the sponsor image and the number of words in the Ad message will have to be approved by The Frustum's author(s) before the payment is made or the sponsorship is finalized.
  • The Frustum and its author(s) reserve the right to accept or deny sponsorship at any time, based on the sponsors's business and Ad content.
  • The Sponsor is solely responsible for his/her Ad content and The Frustum or its author(s) cannot be held responsible for any conflicts arising from the Sponsor's business.
  • All payments are to be made using PayPal, for now (instructions will be sent once the sponsor expresses interest in sponsoring the site).
  • The sponsor pricing may change at any time depending on the popularity of the website, but once confirmed for a weekly sponsor-spot, the price for that week is fixed for that sponsor.
  • The week for the sponsorship at The Frustum starts on Monday and ends on the subsequent Sunday. The Sponsor's content will be updated at the most by end of day Monday (most of the times the Ad will be up by Monday mornings). If for any reason the Ad does not get updated on Monday for a particular sponsor due to author(s) at The Frustum's fault, the Ad will be shown for additional days the next week to cover up the lost time and all sponsors in the list after will be shifted by a day.